Kissing Jessica Stein

Kissing Jessica Stein Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 97 Minutes

Year: 2001

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence:  

Kissing Jessica Stein is one of those small New York movies, that seems to have enough in it to carry it to a cult status that transcends a decade or more, allowing it to be talked about, seen and rented by people like me.  When the movie ended I thought to myself, well I am not upset I rented this, and I think it was cute enough for others to enjoy it, but it never could of been something great.

First off, I hate that New York niche, art, writer lifestyle, that they always portray in these movies.  Oh I am in New York and I drink out of those ridiculous wine glasses and we sit in dark basement bars, and talk with our artsy gay friends only about sex, and orgasms.   We must show you this life, because it is so important to us, and our life in New York.  I just can't stand it, if people live like that in New York, it explains why I hate it there, if most people don't and they always portray it that way in these small movies, they need to stop doing it, because it alienates their audience who lives anywhere besides Manhattan.  So they had that going on throughout the movie, which grained on my skull through half the movie.  

Besides that, the movie is cute, funny, and isn't a bad love story.  The whole story seems to be confused about what it wants to say about the gay/straight lifestyle however, and in the end I am not sure what the message of the story was.  I can take it just at face value and not care about a statement, but with these movies there is always that intention.  Listen to my New York story, and understand my gay plight.  This one I guess is a little lighter, maybe that is why it was more popular and talked about then your typical, struggling with my sexuality and am confused so I am gonna switch hit for a while story.   

In the end, it made me laugh, but not side ripping funny.  I thought it was a good story, but was weak in message, and I thought that anyone could make it though it and enjoy it, but is not good enough to buy or watch more than once on DVD.  So I don't know make your one choice on this one, don't listen to me.  

3 Stars  

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