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Now I usually would not post about shopping sites.  However, Jellyfish, is something I really like.  I am on there almost everyday checking out deals and seeing what is going on.  They are a normal site, that gives cash back when you buy stuff from all kinds of merchants like Circuit City and Deep Discount DVD.  So yea, you can buy stuff, no big deal, I wouldn't recommend that.   They have this other part, called smack shopping.  Click on the logo to go there.   It's an internet game show.  You can win money, win prizes, and get crazy deals on stuff.  

It works like this.  There is an item posted, and the item starts at full price.  Every second it gets cheaper, till it sells out.  Most of the time there is only 1 product, but during the live smack shows, there is more than 1 product.  I have seen things go for 100% off, I have seen crazy deals on cameras and wii stuff, and lots of other things, I have seen a girl win a wii, and a guy win $500 dollars.  The community is very cool, and the game is actually very fun.  It might seem weird at first, but check out the schedule and check out a live smack show, they are the most fun, but you can get good deals on lots of random stuff.   I have bought things, and have won money myself.  I have won 13 dollars, and had a chance at 140 but I got the question wrong, but I did have that chance.  There is a wheel spin, and leaderboards for most points in certain categories, it really is a neat game, even without the good deals.  You don't have to buy anything to win money.  It seems like noobs get picked more than people that have been around a long time.  Click on the logo or the link below to sign up.  This is not a paid or sponsored link, it is just me liking the site and telling you all about it.

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