Jesus Camp

Jesus Camp Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 87 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Harry Potter would have been put to death!

This is a documentary we all heard about last year, that was about kids going to a Evangelical Church Camp to prise and become one with Jesus.  There was a large uproar about it being bad for kids, and brainwashing, and wrong.  Liberals should be scared.  They are mounting an army and this movie is proof.  So I picked it up, I wanted to see.  

I lived in Arkansas for 6 years, in the Bible Belt as they call it.  Most of my friends went to church.  I had friends in a Christian rock group.  I went to their shows.  Everything in this movie, was about what I have seen there, and to me seemed, generally not that shocking.  Maybe I am just used to it.  However to me it just didn't seem all that wrong, or offensive, or whatever buzz word we can throw at it to discredit it.  It had some things in it that I would agree were a little much to put on a 9 year old, and that they did go too far, however after what I have heard this movie is really very tame.  

Lack of conflict or drama, the doc comes out as a telling of the camp with little to it, just people and their faith.  I can not be upset at these people, for their faith, as that is what we are here and about in the USA.  They tried to play up the fact that they are taking over the government and soon, we will no longer be a separate church/state country, but the argument is weak and the people portrayed in this film, were not very threatening at all.  Really there isn't much here.  Maybe it is for someone who has never seen this and lived in California their whole life, but for me, it just seemed a little too run of the mill to get excited about.  I don't think there is much in it from a political stand point to mount up the liberal machine either.  I wouldn't rent it. 

3 Stars 

  • I thought this was a f*c*ed up movie!! really, It made me so mad. I was apart of that. I went to church camps like that and had preachers like that. Crazy and made you feel like you were the lowest of the low. this movie made me mad as hell because I went through all of that. its messed up what they do to children!!
    *shakes fist,gets off soap box and walks away*

  • Ameth

    It took me a while to finish this movie since I kept getting so angry I’d have to stop watching it. This is really borderlining on mental abuse. Children shouldn’t have to feel like they’re bad because they will always “sin” and God will always know it. That’s a little much to harbor onto a child. This is why they need to make a parenting license then maybe we could eliminate folks like becoming parents.

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