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Today we are going to talk about what a feed reader is, and what a feed is.  I am sure you have heard the term feed or rss feed.  Some on you read this blog on your feed readers.  Thank you by the way.  However I bet a lot more of you have no idea what a feed is, what it means and why you even care about them.  A feed takes the content of a site along with the content of a lot of other sites and puts them into an easy to read format for you to consume.  A similar layout of a feed is if you have a Live Journal, your friends list.  That is essentially what a feed reader does.  Except it isn't limited to live journal.  You can add any blog to your feed reader that has a feed like this fine site you are reading right now has.  

Well it sounds good how do I do it?  Well, you need a feed reader first.  The easiest one I use is google reader.  Go to reader.google.com and sign up with it there, and set it as your feed reader of choice.  Then when you are at a blog look for this icon.  Feed Icon  Click on the icon, and it should take you to a little page, and then you click on add to google reader.  Then you will have your first feed added.  You then have access to your feeds from anywhere just go to reader.google.com when you are logged in under your google account.  There are lots of other feed readers, but I am not going to get into them here, if you don't like google there are lots of other free ones out there for you to check out, just search for feed readers.  The beauty of feed readers is that you can add a lot of blogs, and have on central place to view all those blogs.  You do not have to go to each one to see if there is any new content.  It updates automatically in the feed reader.  This saves you time, and energy and should allow you to check out more blogs, which is good for America.  So if you want to read more blogs but don't have the time, then I would check out feeds.  They can really help you out.  If you want to join my feed its on the left most sidebar.  Just click the little orange box, that looks like the one in this post.  

Also I will not have a review for Superbad, The Ten, or The Invasion this coming week.  I will be not able to view these films this weekend, however hopefully I will have at least 3 independent movie reviews coming next week, along with Friday the 13th 7-9.  So it should be a good week for reviews.  Sorry for the lack of studio releases next week, I will not be able to get to the theater.   

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