Step Into Liquid

Step Into Liquid Poster

Rated: PG

Running Time: 87 Minutes

Year: 2003

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: 66 foot wave 100 miles from the coast.

On occasion I will rent things for the pure beauty of it.  I own Blue Crush because the footage is amazing, and the bass levels are absurd.  That movies sounds and looks great.  I have had Step Into Liquid in my queue for a long time, and it finally made it to the top.  I added it for the same reason I own Blue Crush, amazing ocean footage.  I had heard that it was stellar, and all real, so it was a must rent even for a non-surfer like me. 

Liquid comes out as a story about the positive surf life from around the world.  The fun, the journey for the smile, and the smile comes from the wave.  It was an all right documentary, however there was no conflict, or hardship.  It was just everyone on their waves having a good time, which led to a kind of stale dry telling of the surf lifestyle.  It wasn't focused on one person, one group or one location.  It was almost like a skateboard video, except with more narration and a lot better footage.  

The footage was good, but I had heard it was great.  A lot less in pipe and in water shots than I was expecting.  So I was sort of let down by the lack of killer pipe footage, and huge huge waves.  There was one awesome scene with the worlds tallest surf wave at the time it was shot.  A 66 foot wave, which was just crazy huge.  That footage was great, and actually all the foot was good, it just wasn't enough for what I was renting it for.  I think unless you are a surfer or crazy about huge waves, then you are not going to want to check this one out.

3 Stars 

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