Detour To Hell

Detour To Hell

Rated: Not Rated

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Not quite B enough.

I was sent Detour To Hell from Ray and Migdalia Etheridge, a film that was recently shown at the Delray Beach Film Festival, and the  Miami Independent Film & Music Festival.  They asked me to check it out and to write the review.  After I watched the movie I e-mailed them and told them how I felt about the movie, and they were gung ho about the review.  They have the best attitude toward their films even when someone is about to get them a less than positive review.  So buy their movies, and check out their site, we need more support of positive movie makers like these great people. 

Detour To Hell, played out as I have seen many times before, random casting, ok sets, and that lack of polish that we all come to know in high budget features.  Most of these things I can overlook when I am watching a micro budget film especially if you are going for that B movie feel.  I think they were trying to go for that B movie feel, but they just didn't make it there.  It was lacking all those things that really make it feel like a great B movie at least to me.  

It wasn't overdone, it wasn't excessively bloody, it wasn't gratuitous.  I didn't believe the peril, and I was hoping for more one way or the other.  Either way over the top, or really smooth and polished, here I got the middle of the road.  It was actually put together quite well.  Shot well, good large cast (which is amazing, its hard to get so many actors together) and a fairly good story.  However because those things were so good the polish that goes with that was missing.  So you have this movie that is lost about what it wants to be. 

However Ray and Migdalia seem to have a good eye, and they are helping actors, act, which is what this is about anyway.  I will be checking out the rest of their movies in the future, maybe the next one will and buy it if you like.  

 2 Stars

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