Shoot Em Up

Shoot Em Up Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: About 80 minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: 4

In Theaters: September 7th

One Sentence: There are a lot of guns in this movie.

Last night Lib and I went to a sneak for Shoot Em Up.  The trailers and the poster look awesome.  Guns, a baby, Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti and Monica Bellucci.  It seemed excessive, but looked good.  Well now I have seen it and I can say that it is not good.  However it also was weird, and good.  I don't know.  I am confused by this movie.  

I guess lets start off with the bad.  Horrible plot, bad acting, horribly bad CG, and I thought just a dreadful soundtrack that didn't help the action at all.  These were the things that really stuck out as bad.  I thought Clive Owen's acting was ok.  Paul and Monica both were really bad, and a supporting cast of faceless troopers didn't allow there to be any thing else going on in the movie.  We are stuck with these three, and for the most part it's a pretty bad trip.  With most movies, these issues would be the kiss of death, however something weird happened with this movie.  

This movie is like a compilation of the most wild, insane, crazy action sequences that don't involve Jackie Chan ever put on film.  It was a bunch of over the top testosterone fueled scenes, that were both funny, and imaginative.  I mean like just stuff that makes you laugh out loud and say, are they really doing this?  Am I actually seeing this?   It almost was to the point where you are wondering how the studio said it was ok to do.  Even the director Michael Davis said that he was expecting the studio to make a lot of cuts that never came.  So that was the good parts. 

So I am not sure what to tell you.  My instinct says for you not to see this movie.  It really is bad.  However if you are looking for some crazy ass gun battles you might want to go for it.  Libertie says, if you are going to see it, then you should see it in the theater.  It's not a renter.  It comes out in theaters a week from today.  September 7th. 

2 Stars 

After the movie we got to do a little shooting of our own.  The Alamo set up a paintball set up next to the theater after the movie.  We got to try to shoot the baby some "good guys" were trying to keep safe.  We got 5 shots to try to kill the baby.  I don't think I hit the baby, but Libertie did.  So thanks to Tim and The Alamo for that it was fun.  Here I am trying to shoot the baby. 

Kill The Baby! 

  • Wow, this movie was excessively bad, but ridiculously fun. I definitely think that if you WANT to see it, you should see it in the theater – it will be much better on a huge screen and with a large audience participation. If you’re not interested enough in it to go to the theater then it’s really not worth renting to be honest.

    Non-stop action & lots of crazyness.

  • It was that bad? That’s a shame, I had high hopes for this movie too. I may have to reconsider watching it now.

    • Eh, it’s totally horrible. I can’t with good conscience say go see it.

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