Redline Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 95 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: It's like a crappier Fast and the Furious.

I like car movies, I don't know why, I just keep going back to them.  I am an abused viewer who can't say no.  They are so shiny, and they have girls in them with skirts that are shorter than anything I have ever seen in real life.  I am a weak man.  This one had even fancier cars than the others.  It had Ferrari's, and SLR's and other such unobtainum.   At least I didn't go see it in the theater.

As we all can expect, this movie is bad, but just how bad was the great unknown.  Fast and the Furious bad?  Part 2 bad?  Part 3 bad?  No even worse!   It was like a mashup of various scenes that almost didn't even apply to the plot.  Then there was a car race.  That was the whole movie.  I am not sure if there was a plot at all.  I remember something about counterfeit money, but it was so brief that I am not sure if it was important to the "plot" or not.   Look fast cars crashing, YAY!

So yes, to no one's surprise I am sure, Redline is horrible.  Not even the hottie Nadia Bjorlin's eyes, or unbuttoned shirts could save this movie from being the tragedy it was.  I can't recommend this movie to anyone.  Not for the fancy cars, or for the overuse of the cleavage shot. 

2 Stars 

  • nikolas

    Perfect, i realize the best

  • tom

    this movie was terrible, what a waste of time to watch sure glad that it bankrupted the guys company, since he should not be allowed to make any more films. CHEESY

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