The Ex

The Ex Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 99 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Uncomfortable is not the same as funny.

I like everyone in this movie.  Everyone on that poster, I feel is a fine actor, or a very funny actor.  I especially like Zach, Amy, Amy, Amanda, and Donal.  I almost went and saw this movie in the theater, however I just didn't make it there.  I got the "unrated" DVD version, which in this case means, version that was not rated.  Not version that is too sexy to be rated.  I wasn't expecting sexy, I just wanted to be clear.  So after watching this whole movie, I come to find out that there is a whole different ending and huge portions taken out or changed from the theatrical version of the movie.  This movie was originally called Fast Track, and even had posters made up in the original name.  It was confused from the start.  So I am reviewing the DVD version, which while different I assume didn't make a better movie, I am not sure how it could. 

Even when you have a stellar comedy cast, you have to write them a comedy in order for it to be funny.  You can not have funny people and then make it a uncomfortable movie with some very weak jokes in it.  That isn't funny, it's creepy.  That is what most of this movie is.  Very uncomfortable, with slight pieces of a joke thrown in here and there.  Never are we treated to any solid comedy from anyone expect maybe Donal Logue for his character, which he owned, and Fred Armisen who was slightly funny. 

There are some good ideas here, and the plot is fair.  It is sad to see so much go to waste.  I was let down by the whole movie.  If you are going to get that type of cast together, make the movie funny or make the characters likeable. Someone to cheer for, someone to back up, someone that wasn't an idiot.  That's all there was in The Ex (who actually wasn't an Ex)  So I would not be renting this movie.  It's different that the theater release, and it's still bad.  

2 Stars

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