New Blogrush Widget

BlogRush Widget

So there is a new widget over there on the right.  It's called the blogrush widget.  It's for us bloggers to help get more traffic.  It's like a feed swap across anyone else in your "category" My current category is Entertainment, so it will host 5 other posts in the world of entertainment.  Every time I get an impression of the blogrush widget loading I get "Syndication Credits" each credit means one of my posts will be posted on another widget somewhere in the blogsphere under my category.  So the you can end up getting a lot of cross posted traffic which is good for everybody.  They just started so I suspect there will be changes going on in the future for more categories, and more options and such, but, right now it's already easy to sign up and add your widget, so if it sounds interesting check it out.  It is fairly painless sign up at Blogrush.  

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