Fantastic Fest 3 Sep 20-27th

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Tonight, it starts.  Well technically it starts tomorrow, but tonight we are going to a Fantastic Fest Sponsored Movie, so I am counting tonight as well.  Fantastic Fest is a film fest with all the boring parts taken out, or so says the tagline.  Fantasy, Horror, and Sci-Fi are the main elements that fill the screens at the Alamo South Lamar for the next week.  The Reviewer will be right in the middle of it blood shot eyes and all.  I will be attempting to bring you the next day all reviews from the previous day, we will see if I am even awake enough to type. 

Sadly if you didn't know about FF until just now and really want to go, the badges are sold out.  You can however buy individual tickets to shows and some are available now.  You could stand out in front of the theater and offer crack for someone's badge too, I am not sure how well that will work.  Might end up with more badges than you need.  If you want to buy individual tickets, you can go to the fantastic fest blog page to see what is available.  

As for me, you can check out what I will be seeing by clicking each movie below and it will take you to the Fantastic Fest page for each movie.  I might not make it to everything but here is hoping.  If you want to check out my Fantastic Fest Profile, add me as a friend and whatever else you can click on The Reviewer's Fantastic Fest Profile

Here are the movies I plan on seeing at Fantastic Fest.

There it is 22 movies, 8 days.  We shall see what really happens, if I can make it, if I suddenly stop writing reviews it means I've died.  Don't bring me back to life I am sure I am happier where I am.  


  • Man, there are an awful lot of horror-sounding movies in there. *covers eyes*

  • I look forward to reading all of the reviews! I hope you took good notes!

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