Fantastic Fest Day 1

Hot quail, blood splattered employees, the fire department, a signing tesla, George Romero, Bruce Lee sound alikes, and some movies.  This was Fantastic Fest Day 1. 

We got to the Alamo about 5:30 we were running late, Lib was sick and has been a trooper, going even though she is carrying the plague.  We picked up our badges, silver badges, defining us as the lower class of movie watchers, with ninja stickers on them, because while we are a lower class, we are still awesome.  We were admitted into the party where I was offered firecracker quail, which was awesome and a little hot.  Not too much to kill me though, we strolled over to where everyone was gathered.  It was a gut cannon shooting guts as people.  This of course was awesome and the Alamo has offered the video for you to see.  


After that we got in line for Diary Of The Dead.  We were about 10th in line outside.  The VIPs were inside.  While sitting in line I saw George Romero, who is very very tall, talking to people and shaking hands.  The line started moving and we were 2 people away from getting in so I missed out on that one and lesson learned no VIP, no movie choice, but it turned out to not be all bad we got into Wicked Flowers

Wicked Flowers

Wicked Flowers came up being a lot better than I had suspected.  A japenese thriller, that ended up being a twisty game story, on the lines with Cube, or The Game.  Good acting and a interesting layout of the game made for a movie that at first because of low quality, I thought was not going to be very good, for me to vote a 7 on in the audience award ballot out of 10.  If you are one for either Cube or The Game and can deal with the subtitles, you should try to find a copy of this one, it was quite good.

We left Wicked Flowers and got in line for the next movie of the night, but not before we had to go outside to check out the Fire and Electric show going on outside.  There was a cylinder that was shooting fine in key to music, which of course led to the Fire Department to be called.  Fireman gets out walks up to the guy and says, "We got a 911 call that there was a contraption burning, we drove up and there it is a contraption burning."  After they checked everything out they gave the ok, and the fire continued.  Next up was the singing Tesla coils.  Which were two Tesla coils that I guess shot electricity though at different amps to make music, it was extremely cool.  We just listening for a bit, while the purple lightning flashed.  For more about these contraptions and the gut cannon, check out Dorkbot Austin.  

Tesla Coil


And becuase I am so nice, I uploaded the Tesla coils video for you.  It is pretty awesome.  


Then we went back in line to wait for Finishing The Game.  Here is dorkbot's music flame contraption behind me in line.

The Reviewer at Fantastic fest 3 

Next up was Finishing The Game.  A movie about replacing Bruce Lee after his death for his final movie that they had 12 minutes of footage of Bruce.  It was a comedy Mocumentary.  The movie was a bit slow at times, and very funny other times.  It had a great 70's feel to it, and was very well acted and a great idea for a movie.  Just sometimes a bit slow.  It did have some nudity for those looking for that.  It also had cameos by Ron Jeremy and James Franco, and a supporting role by none other than M.C. Hammer.  So you know it's got to be on.  He did a great job actually I was very impressed with his acting skills.  Finishing The Game could go either way with me.  Rent it if you can if it sounds good, it was good enough to rent for sure. 

Finishing The Game

Before Finishing The Game there was supposed to be a Bruce Lee look alike contest, but no one dressed up.  So Lars instead changed it up and the following video is what ensued.  That is all for Day 1 from Fantastic Fest, I will have more for you tomorrow.


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