Fantastic Fest Day 2

Fantastic Fest Day 2, we are getting into the groove now. It seemed a lot less busy, at least we got into everything we wanted to.  No extra activities going on today, but that is fine, because there were more movies to see and I think they were better than day 1, well 2 of them anyway.  


Mobius Redux

Moebius Redux is a documentary on the Comic Book artist Moebius, which I thought was the best movie I have seen so far at the festival.  It was smart and alluring, telling me a story about a man I have never heard of in an industry, that I don't really care about.  The doc was smart, well shot and very interesting.  While I had never heard of this man, the work he has done is some of my favorite and it really showed the person behind those creative processes.  If you have a chance to see this one I think you should, it was just excellent.  It plays again at Fantastic Fest on Tuesday at 4:15PM.  If not, then hope it comes out on DVD, because it was just awesome, even if you don't like comics.  


Weirdsville is the most hollywood, polished movie I have seen so far.  A comedy about Drug Users and their journey to get money to pay off their dealer.  IT has little people, drugs, Satan worshipers, hippies, prostitutes, and smart witty comedy that is solid throughout the movie.  The comedy is not 40 year old virgin in your face comedy, but instead intelligent, and subtle.  This one is going to be released in theaters in October, and I think it is another one that most people should add to their radar.  It is worth the rental or 2 hours in the theater for.  It plays one more time at Fantastic Fest on Thursday at 1:15PM.  

Flight Of The Living Dead

Flight Of The Living Dead was the closer of the night, starting at 11:45 it was a USA up all night masterpiece.  Which is to say that it was a zombie movie on an airplane.   Good looking zombies, couldn't save this one from being a stereotypical zombie flick, with no great characters, lacking plot or anything resembling a real story line.  Some hot girls, and guys are on a plane and there are zombies.  That is about it.  It is not bad really, just not the amazing event you expect from something named Flight Of The Living Dead, however after the last plane movie I think we all are not surprised that another one kinda fell flat.  

That's all for Friday, I am leaving in 15 minutes for day 3.  I have only 3 movies today because of some other plans that I had, but that's ok I think 3 movies is enough.  Coming up, evil hair extensions, an anime, and Siamese twins horror, check out reviews tomorrow.  

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