Fantastic Fest Day 3

So we didn't make it to movie 3 last night, it was a midnight movie and Libertie wasn't feeling well.  So only 2 movie reviews today, but I feel rested, last night I felt really tired and slept in the theater before a movie so taking a break I think was helpful because tonight we have up to, 6 movies, so it could be hard.  

 The Girl Who Lept Through Time

The Girl Who Lept Through Time won the academy award for best animated feature in Japan this year.  For me it used an animation style I don't think portrays emotion well, and so was left a little let down.  The movie was still very good, and the story was great, sweet, and charming, but with the style chosen, it just didn't touch me as well as it could have.  It didn't hit me like spirited away did, and I know it is party because of the animation.  I am sure this is going to get a DVD release so anime fans will be happy with this rental, but it just wasn't amazing to me. 


Alone was next.  I don't have an image for it.  Alone is a Thai movie about a woman and the loss of her Siamese twin.  It fit into the J-horror style with dealing with fear and scary imagery and not a lot of death.   It did fine for itself in this genre, but I do not think is going to win the audience award for best picture.  I would say the last 30 minutes did pick up and the story got a lot better, but it was a bit too slow at the beginning.  If you are a fan of J-horror then you won't be disappointed, but I wouldn't say go get it if you are not a fan.  

We are having kitty issues with one of our cats and as of right now are ok for movies, but I could miss any of the movies today because of the kitty, so expect 6 reviews, don't be disappointed if you don't get all 6.  He is hoping kitty is ok.  

  • I enjoyed Girl Who Leapt THrough Time. Alone was good too, but creepy as fuck! haha

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