Fantastic Fest Day 7

We finally got into a secret screening last night.  We were the last 5 people to get into the theater.  It was amazing.  We barely made it.  So it gives me hope for today, which is the closing movie.  I hope we can get in.  


The secret screening was The Orphanage a ghost/horror movie that was produced by Guillermo Del Toro.  It was not a blood fest horror, but a beautiful ghost story, that wisped along with a pacing and feel that I think people are looking for in horror, that they are not getting in the bloodfests.  Smart, good story, and damn scary in some parts, The Orphanage, is one to keep an eye out for, especially for classic horror fans.  It should get some good release and DVD promotion later.  


Mirage Man 

The second movie of the night was Mirage Man.  This was the other movie by the guys who did Kiltro.  This was a lighter movie that the previous.  It had a lot of funny elements.  It was about a normal guy who becomes a super hero (with no super powers) trying to save the city from bag guys and helping his family in the process.  It has great martial arts, and is really impressive in that area.  Where Kiltro had the better story, Mirage Man was more entertaining, funny and a lot more ass kicking.  Great fun time.   



  • The orphanage was really good, I’m glad we got in to see that one! I liked Mirage Man, but it was kind of a let down after seeing Kiltro.

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