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Oh no, not again.  Here I go again with another week long festival.  However this time I am not going to kill myself.  I will be bringing you regular updates from all the movies I watch over the next week.  Hopefully there is some good stuff out there so I can tell you all about it.  For the people in Austin there are still passes available and they are only $35 bucks.  That is a deal for a week of movies.   You can also buy tickets at the door for 8 Dollars, but are of course last below all badge holders.  If you don't get a badge, you still have to get ready for Blood Car!!!

Blood Car Poster 

That's right, Blood Car, the first independent movie I reviewed on this site, has 2 screenings at the Austin Film Festival, and I am telling you people, it is worth the 8 bucks.  If you like blood, sex, nudity, vegans, the girl from my girl and my girl 2, and more blood then you will love Blood Car.  Here is my original review for it.   Blood Car will by playing at The Dobie Theater on Saturday October 13th at 11:55pm and Thursday October 18th at 9:30pm.  Be sure to check it out.  More on blood car here. 


Come out to the festival, check out some movies, and have some fun.   

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