Chicago 10

Chicago 10

Rated: R

Running Time: ?

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Put your fist in the air and fight, with out fighting.

Chicago 10 was not the movie I was expecting.  It was a story about the trial of 8 men who helped lead an anti-war protest in the 60's in Chicago.  The film combines rotoscope animation, live archival footage and modern music to portray the events as they happened and the transcripts from the trial.  This was the opening night movie at the Austin Film Festival.

The power and energy this movie had was amazing.  It felt like everything you hope a movie like this would feel like.  Angry, smart, true, real, loud, and with a cause that you want to support, even 40 years later.  It was powerful and inspiring and really good too.  It didn't feel preachy, and while a partial documentary, it told like a truly amazing court room movie.  Which are some of my favorite types of movies.

The acted cast was voiced by real actors, people like Mark Ruffalo, Liev Schreiber, Nick Nolte and Hank Azaria.  It all was just a wonderful collision of message and visual elements that really made a statement against the Vietnam war, and the current Iraq war as well, along with many other civil liberties disputes going on right now.  If that sounds interesting to you, find out how you can watch Chicago 10, it was just amazing. 

5 Stars 

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