Top 70 Vampire Movies Of All Time

It's Halloween time, in case you didn't notice with all the damn Christmas stuff up, and with Halloween means it's time for pointless lists about movies.  This one is the top 70 Vampire movies of all time.  I didn't even know there were 70 vampire movies.  So rent every single one on this list, to see if you agree.  I know I don't because they put Near Dark better than The Lost Boys, and we all know that isn't true.  But check it out anyway, what else are you doing right now. 

  • Um, hate to disagree with you, but Near Dark is heads and tails better than The Lost Boys. Lost Boys was a fun pop film but feels awfully dated. Hell, it barely even qualifies as horror. Near Dark is smartly written, portrays vampires in a different fashion, has some really fantastic scenes in it (I’m thinking of the bar scene where the massacre everyone in it)…it’s a classic. Plus the number one reason why Near Dark is better than The Lost Boys…it doesn’t have the Coreys in it.

    • And just what is wrong with the coreys. They are a staple of my upbringing, I consider them both my fathers. I loved lost boys, and always will, it is a great movie, one of my favorites. And who said vampire movies had to be horror?

      You hate to disagree with me? No you don’t! Please don’t do that, please disagree with me, I can take it. It’s all good, I didn’t make this place so people would agree with me all the time, my tastes in movies suck. I would expect most people would disagree with me.

  • Max Houston

    How about Let’s Scare Jessica To Death.

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