1408 Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 94 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: No gore, just good creepyness.

This was another one of those movies, where I just didn't make it to the theater.  I tried, and just could not find the time, so I ended up having to rent it.  Netflix has the theater release and the Director's Cut with Alternative Ending, as your movie watching options.  I decided to pick the theater release, because I was going to see it in the theater any way.  I really hate how they do that with DVD's now.  It doesn't make me want to watch both, it just makes me not want to watch either. 

Anyway on with the movie.  John Cusack is a writer/ghost debunker who is alone after his daughters death.  He gets invited into room 1408 by someone or something, by way of post office, and then the night begins.  That is about all I am going to tell you about the movie, and that is usually more than I would say at all, but I was feeling wordy today.  So…is the movie scary.

I was creeped out by this movie, I am not sure if I would call it scary.   It was effective, smart, and very cool.  The behavior of the "ghosts" or whatever you want to call them and what happened in 1408 I thought was excellent.  It was almost classic Stephen King, based off one of his short stories.  The horror was inventive, and not just relied on blood and human suffering, which I am really getting turned off by.  Instead it was a supernatural journey that I think made me scared, without making me super scared.  It allowed me to appreciate the movie outside of it being scary.   The ending fell a bit flat.  Maybe the director's cut is a little better. 

While the movie was scary and I thought very imagnative, it was just missing something that last little touch to make it really good so it is only getting a 3.  Like I said before maybe that is why they released a director's cut.  Either way I think it was rentable, just not amazing.  

3 Stars 

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