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It took till Halloween to get your review for Saw 4 out?  What took you so long?  And where is it?  It's not here?  


Well my review is over at Atomic Popcorn, they asked me to do a guest blog post, so all my loyal fans are gonna have to pop over to Atomic Popcorn to check out my saw review.   While there check out their TV reviews, trailers, and all the other good stuff that comes with radioactive popcorn. 

  • Victor

    ohh I loved this movie… The history is brilliant and envolving.. Can’t wait to Saw 5 and 6 to comes out…
    Saw 4 is one of the most creepy movies I saw this year, but even the most horrible movies has some funny moments… I saw this movie where Scott Patterson and Tobin Bell talk about some funny moments they had while shooting horrific scenes.
    Hilarious isn’t it? LOL

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