Black Sheep

Black Sheep Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 87 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: There was not a single black sheep in this movie.

How can you not love it, sheep, evil sheep out for BLOOD. It is the perfect Halloween movie as far as I am concerned, so watching it on November 1st, makes perfect sense.  Do the evil sheep make for the best movie ever?  Or is it just horrible camp that should not be recommended to anyone?   Are those my only two choices?  No.  Not with Black Sheep anything is possible, including sheep sex and weresheep.

However sheep sex and weresheep are not enough to save this movie from being not funny enough and a little too boring.  It worked as far as you know a movie with murderous sheep.  It made sence as far as it could and it had fine actors that were maintaining themselves as sheep ate their innards.  We just didn't get anything that was really interesting at all, it wasn't scary, it wasn't funny, it wasn't scary/funny and even though it was only 87 minutes long it seemed to drag at time.  

I did like the sheep though, they are really cute, were slightly funny, and all over the place.  They had sheep eating bloody insides, and blood on sheep and evil sheep and bald sheep and weresheep and sheep this and that and the other.  They were just all over the place, I guess you would expect that with a film shot in New Zealand.   Sheep or Hobbits.  So while I liked the evil sheep they were not enough to save this movie from being not much of anything more than a bloody gore fest, without many other likeable qualities, I would skip it. 

2 Stars

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