Mr. Brooks

Mr. Brooks Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 120 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: One Pair

One Sentence: Did you know Demi Moore and William Hurt were in this movie?

I personally have no issues with Kevin Costner, I actually would probably say I like him very much.  My mom likes him, he kind of reminds me of my dad and I really like a lot of the movies he starred in.  So I wanted to see Mr. Brooks in the theater, I just didn't get out there.  So to the DVD queue it went.  I am glad to report, this wasn't an unrated version, or director's cut, or anything like that just the movie.  

A sexy, seductive, thriller, Mr. Brooks comes out a lot different than I though it would.  It has elements of action, and drama, family matters, and just good old detective work.  They really tried to put a lot of into the movie and that is what pushed it to a 2 hour flick.  I was never bored during that time, however I did think it got a little murky in the start of the second hour.  There was a lot of plot going on all over the place and I felt a little overwhelmed at times.  I was never lost or confused, just thinking wow there is a lot going on.  However when it is over I would say I was very satisfied with the ending, and really felt that this was a great thriller, and would recommend this movie to everyone here.  

One thing I did not know was that Demi Moore, and William Hurt were in this movie, in major roles.  The original trailers told us nothing about this, and focused on Kevin Costner and Dane Cook.  These other two parts were left out because they would confuse the marketing that originally came out,  which was focusing on Cook and Costner.  While that was a major part of the movie, adding in Demi Moore, and William Hurt took it to that next level of complexity, that I think really made the movie, and while I said it got a little murky, in the end it is satisfying and gave you everything wanted.  I would say to add Mr. Brooks to your list unless you hate Dane Cook or Kevin Costner, I think anyone else will have a great time with this one.  

4 Stars

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