Enchanted Poster

Rated: PG

Running Time: 107 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: 2 hours of smiles and laughter.

I might be one of very few men in the world that after they saw the preview for Enchanted turned to his girl friend and said, I really want to see that.  I am a Disney dork and with it comes a pure love for the making fun of, or taking light of the happily ever after.  We get fed this fluff and eventually you find out that it is just that fluff.  However there is still a part of me that still loves and connects with those movies.  I have nothing but love for the Disney fairy tales, but I also have nothing but love for when Disney decides to make fun of those same fairy tales, and Enchanted did it very well. 

Opening with the first Disney 2-D animated scenes since "Home On The Range" we are met with a new princess, her prince and animal friends.  From here on throughout the whole movie, there is joke after joke about the fairy tale world that Disney has created.  Some subtle, some blatant, and all very funny.   I am a Disney guy, but the whole audience was solidly laughing and even clapping on some of the more grand jokes/scenes.  However this movie wasn't just making fun of the rest of the Disney library, it was a cute romantic comedy that would be fit for you to take a date to or the whole family.  It is light, funny, cute, and has a light conflict that will keep the kids interested and you and your date feeling close and remembering your happily ever afters.  

Amy Adams was absolutely the most wonderfully cast female in a part this year, as Princess Giselle.  Her brilliant smile and beautful eyes melted your heart and convinced everyone that she was a princess from a fairy tale land.  Her Prince Edward played by James Marsden, killed as a wonderfully dim prince there to save his princess.  The only part I wasn't horribly impressed with was  Susan Surandon as the Evil Queen Narissa, she wasn't given enough screen time, and didn't portray evil that well.  She just missed the mark but it is very insignificant compared to the rest of this great Thanksgiving flick.  So if you are wondering if this is the movie for you all to see on Thursday, it is a definate yes from The Reviewer. 

4 Stars 

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