No Country For Old Men Review

No Country For Old Men Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 122 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: A violent masterpiece.

This movie is just wonderful in every way.  The Coen Brothers again have woven a wonderful tale that is dark, powerful and visually beautiful.  It is violent, and dismal, but within those painful scenes, which are bloody and painful to watch, there is a quiet beauty that fills every scene.  The way it is shot, the way each scene is crafted, and the choice of characters, actors, angles and locations all make for an movie experience that few achieve.  This is a movie that you call a film, however it isn't obsecure matierial that will keep the mainstream from enjoying it. 

Josh Brolin leads the film as a man being chased for reasons I will not explain.  He plays a smart, poor, country boy, who fell into some luck/bad luck that has him being hunted by the creppy, Javier Bardem.  Javier plays a man called Anton Chigurh, and is the eyes in the poster above.  Rarely has there been a more stone cold evil put on screen.  However again the Coen's humanize this man, with help of the actor himself, who is superb.  It is a chilling performance that is of master class acting.  Addional performaces by Woody Harrelson and Tommy Lee Jones are equally as good, however smaller.  Kelly McDonald plays Josh Brolin's wife in the film and was one of my favorite characters.  Looking out for her husband in a quiet, caring way.  It is an excellent part and I think my favorite character in the movie. 

My only complaint is the ending, which I will not again go into.   I will only say that as I do not want to give anything away.  So I recommend this movie highly.  It is a renter however, you do not have to go see it in the theater, but the wide open shots of Texas are a site to see.  

4 Stars 

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