Rise: Blood Hunter

Rise Blood Hunter Poster

Rated: UR

Running Time: 122 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: 3 Pairs, Lucy Liu included

One Sentence: These vampires don't even have sharp teeth.

Sometimes a movie star falls from grace.  Sometimes they don't get any more jobs, and sometimes, they have to take off their clothes to get a role.  This is one of those times.  Where Lucy Liu of such hits as Charlie's Angels and Charlei's Angels: Full Throttle, must strip down for her paycheck.  Which is odd, because she is going to be in Kung Fu Panda coming out next year.  Maybe she got that part as a direct result of Rise: Blood Hunter, however I seriously doubt that. 

This movie sucks.  All of it sucks, it is boring, slow, and uninteresting.  The Vampires, are not sexy, or scary, they do not have sharp teeth, and are a little bit twisted and more like homicidal serial killers, than normal hungry vampires, non-threating homicidal serial killers.   You can take some liberties with vampire lore, but when you don't even give them teeth, it just isn't going to work in my opinion.  It turns out to be like a revenge, Kill Bill type movie, except for the parts where it isn't cool, fun, or worth watching.  Also see the poster at the top there, the bottom half of it, the cool vampire, and those bat looking things,  FAKE, nothing like that appears in the movie.  

So this movie is really all about the nudity right. It doesn't have any other good qualities, so what about that.  It was shaping up in the first scene to be a nice Skinamax style movie.  Dark and sexy, with saxophone music and vampires. I could have gotten into that.  But after the first scene that ended quickly the rest of the "sex" was blood covered, or shot from very far away and this movie doesn't even warrant a rental if you are looking for that type of thing.  It just didn't have anything good about it.  I am having a hard time finding a reason to give it more than 1 star.  So skip it.  It is not worth it, Lucy was a lot sexier in Futurama. 

2 Stars 


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