Juno Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 93 minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: The best teen pregnancy comedy of the holiday season.

I keep hearing stuff about this movie, but have never really saw anything about this movie.  No previews, only the poster, and not really knowing anything about it.  I knew there was a pregnant girl, and that was it.  I got a sneak for it and went last night, and for everyone else wondering, yes it is a teen pregnant comedy.  Comedy in the sense of Little Miss Sunshine, not Superbad.  It's a little more dark and sad in some parts.  

However even with dark, sad parts, this movie is a great flick for a lot of people that enjoy smart independents.  It is solidly funny, in a PG-13 way.  The humor is fast, witty, and in touch with the kids these days.  It has a great story, great characters, and wonderful actors making those characters come to life so very well.  Ellen Page as Juno is great, she has the chops to carry this complex character throughout the whole movie.  Ellen Page if you are wondering was Kitty Pride in X-men 3.  

The movie doesn't seem to fall into the traps of most high school teen comedies.  The subject matter is adult, even when dealing with teens.  It does not stoop to lowbrow humor or naked hot tub scenes to make us laugh or pay attention to the movie.  It has many different levels, not just the teen pregnancy, and while there is a nice little message going on, it is not preachy, and comes to that message I think in a very smart, easy to swallow way.  It deals with some hard things, but somehow makes them light enough that I think the general audience can take them very well.  I think especially teens will have a good time with this movie.  So adults and smart teens are on the recommendation list for Juno.  You do not have to watch it in the theaters, but I think it is a definite renter. 

4 Stars 

    Saw it in November at an early screening (that’s really early for South Africa, we se everything so late compared to America!). I wasn’t expecting too much, but I got so much out of it, including a hamburger phone!!
    Such a great film, better than Little Miss Sunshine, with a killer soundtrack.

    Ellen Page better win an Oscar!!! And I hope Best Picture isn’t out of the question either….It will win Best Original Screenplay.

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    you suc i can do better

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