Daft Punk’s Electroma

Electroma Poster

Rated: NR

Running Time: 74 minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: 0% Dialog 99% Robots.

I was lucky enough to get to see Daft Punk's Electroma last night for free.  It was a movie directed and thought of from the band Daft Punk.  I had heard about it recently, and had been trying to find a way to see it.  It is not available on DVD, and is not going to be releases wide.  So only if some small theater is pulling it in for some reason are you going to get to see Daft's vision of a all robot world.  

This movie is highly experimental, and not for the normal viewing audience.  Fans of Daft Punk will not even click with this movie if you are not a total film freak and are into highly symbolic movies with zero dialog.   It has long sweeping shots of the same thing over and over that take minutes upon minutes.  It is slow, has odd music, and is not very clear on it's message.  It has zero Daft Punk music, which I think will leave a lot of people wondering what the music that is in there is all about.  All I have to say is it is not electronic beats.  It is electronic, but not in a danceable way.

However I can not say I disliked the movie.  I am not sure I got it, and in some parts I thought it just went on for too long, but there was enough there to say that I did not regret staying up late to catch it.  I can not recommend it to anyone however.  It just doesn't have the legs for almost anyone to check out unless you are really curious or like experimental film.  I did hear it is possible it will be out on DVD after the new year, so you might get a chance to see it then.  

3 Stars 

  • Brody

    I enjoyed it. I wasn’t in love with it. but the music and overall, melancholy feel were just what I needed. 

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