I Am Legend

I Am Legend Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 101 minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Will Smith and his dog.

I have nothing but love for Will Smith and him battling hundreds of creatures, weather it be robots, aliens, or in this case, a humanoid creature that has a light sensitivity.   A lot of people are calling them Zombies, and this a Zombie movie.  These are NOT Zombies.  Zombies are undead creatures with no brain activity that react only on the instinct of food.  The creatures in I Am Legend are far closer to vampires than to Zombies, but again not undead.  I thought they were kind of like humanoid bats. 

So we have humanoid bats, and Will Smith and one of the most awesome dog actors ever put into a movie.  No other humans, in New York City.  Can Will Smith carry the movie by himself with the dog.  I think yes.  The scenes by himself seem real, calculated, and were quite well done.  He did have the dog to play off of, which I think helped a lot, the dog was just amazing.  It was amazing the emotion this dog could command and create.   Give this dog more parts!

I bought the movie, the story, the plot, the progression.  It all worked, it was a little Hollywood, and polished and things like that but for the most part a enjoyable movie.  The ending was a bit hokey, and overdone, but again Hollywood had to have their touches.  I thought that the scenes that were meant to be tense or scary were very scary and tense.  I was on the edge of my seat literally tensing up and hoping things would turn out all right.  This movie is pure Christmas popcorn and does it well.  So don't expect anything amazing and you will be fine.  I think it is a good recommendation to see in the theater as well, the sweeping shots of New York empty are very amazing and worth seeing on the big screen. 

3 Stars 

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