National Treasure: Book Of Secrets

Book Of Secrets Poster

Rated: PG

Running Time: 124 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: There is a city of gold somewhere in the United States!

I have no problems suspending disbelief for movies like this.  High budget, over the top sillyness that has humor, action, adventure, and torches all thrown together, with a hot girl, smart guy, and nerdy sidekick.  Look at the torch in that poster, that torch is just badass, of course that torch is not featured in the movie, but it being on the poster is enough for me. 

That ability to suspend disbelief is required in gallons for Book Of Secrets, which intertwines a lot of story lines into the search for a City Of Gold in the United States.  It has a lot of steps, some treasure hunting, some mission impossible type stunts, and the funny sidekick Riley doing his thing.  All in all it is exactly what you think it should be and delivers what you want.  I felt it was actually better than the first one.  It provides no basis of facts, no intelligent points of view, and nothing but pure Christmas popcorn. 

Which is why I am all about this movie.  Especially around Christmas, I am tired, worn out, I have a paper cut from wrapping paper, I got into a fight with a lady at the mall over a Wii that got put on the shelf (I won, left hook to the grandma and she was out) and I just want to zone out.  National Treasure delivers, and entertains at the same time.  Rent it or go see it in the theater, good fun for the whole family.  

3 Stars

  • This is very hot movie…nicolas cage is my fav.

  • Joe

    Hey there, long time since I’ve been here. I really want to see this movie still. I know I know, I work at a theatre, so how could I not have seen it? I honestly don’t know. But this review helps, I keep hearing awesome things about it.

    • Yea I enjoyed it, and for free, it’s totally worth it.

  • I have no interest to see this movie, which is sad, but all the great films are being released in South Africa now, so I have no time to watch mediocre films. I never saw the first film either, so it would be stupid to watch the second.

    • Yea, I sadly or luckily watch almost everything so I don’t have to pick out, only the ones I think are really really bad, do I pick to ignore.

  • For me, I prefer the original movie. For this movie, it’s like they force to make it. I don’t like the story.

  • Lee

    Dude this is pretty much the best review I’ve read about this film and I agree with you all the way. Although I must admit I didn’t realise that the torch wasn’t in the film but you are right it’s pretty awesome on the poster.

    It’s nice to read a reviewer who remember that some films are just plain fun and that’s enough sometimes, I don’t always want to be challenged when I go to the cinema.

    • Great welcome, thank you for the kind words. That is what I try to do here. Just talk about this movie with normal people. We don’t want everything to be There Will Be Blood. Sometimes we just want Action and fun!

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