Dying For Dollars

Dying For Dollars Poster

Rated: NR

Running Time: 72 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Last independent movie review.

This is the last movie without distribution of some sort that I will be reviewing.  I got hit with way too many requests too fast, and while many of them were good, many many more were not, so I have decided to shelf the independent with no distribution.  Sorry indies.  This last movie is Dying For Dollars, from the husband-and-wife team, Ray & Migdalia Etheridge.  The budget for this one was $3000 dollars.  

Dying For Dollars is the second film I have reviewed from this team of movie makers.  It seems like they have done everything better in this movie, better story, acting, lighting, sets and general plot are all generally good, and when you look at it from the micro budget point of view you have a pretty good movie.  The movie kept at a pace which I felt was pretty good.  It did have some scenes where it drug out a little too much on that subject, but overall it worked.  I didn't feel as scared as I thought I should have in scenes where I was supposed to be worried about a character.  There were some things that were lacking but they come with most low budget movies.  I felt this movie was on par with a lot of others I had seen.  I would consider checking it out if you are near the Treasure Coast International Film Festival in Flordia, where Dying For Dollars will be featured.  The movie is also available for Download and Purchase through Amazon.  Click on the poster image to be taken to the Dying For Dollars website. 

3 Stars


  • Thank you, Mikey, for taking the time to review our film. It is extremely hard for “indie” filmmakers to get their films seen. We appreciate it!

  • “Dying For Dollars” stars Bill Carter, Elaine Hoffman, Guy D.Wells, Michael Rayburn, and Gloria Barto as “Grandma”. Also in the cast are Bob Gray, Ed Kassar, and Chase Jazzborn. The film has now been showcased at the TREASURE COAST INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.

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