The Ten

The Ten Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 96 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Some

One Sentence: The State kids bring another movie.

I bet a lot of you never heard of this movie.  The Ten came out last year in Austin, and what sometimes happens is we get movies here, that no one else gets.  Either someone from The Alamo Drafthouse wants to show it, or it was filmed here, or various other things that puts movies on my radar that not a lot of other people have heard of.  This is one of those movies.  Brought to you by the people who worked on The State, MTV's sketch comedy show that died too soon. 

The Ten is 10 stories based on each of the Ten Commandments.   It is a comedy and it has a lot of stars, cameos that make you want to check it out just for the cast.  What the movie ends up becoming is a long form sketch comedy show with a link between each story.  There is one arc that carries across all the stories and some characters are carried over between stories, but generally it's 10 sketches placed in a movie.  

I loved The State and knowing it was bizarre at times, I knew that this too could be a bit over the top.  Over the top it was.  On occasion the movie left from being funny and just jumped into plain weird.   However if you are a fan, you will welcome the weirdness and the humor and not feel it too out of place.  Those that are not familiar with their comedy, when they are allowed to let loose, might not appreciate The Ten.  At times it just gets so far out there, that it will leave a lot of viewers not waiting for it to get back from crazy town.  But if crazy is your cup of tea, I would add it to the queue.  It's available at Netflix.  

3 Stars

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