Hatchet Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 84 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Quite a few.

One Sentence: Harmony from Buffy and Angel takes off her top a lot.

The tag line is Old School American Horror.  I can totally agree with that.  Hatchet is in fact old school American horror.  I think for the most part the people who were making this movie took a step back from the horror that is going on today, and said what used to work, what did everyone like and what can we make happen.  Then they tried to do it.  Overall I think they did a good job.  It does not mean that the movie is a masterpiece, but it does deliver the feel I think that the tag line represents.  

This movie does have a lot of flaws, so lets get those out of the way first.  The acting is only ok, it leaves a lot to be desired.  However it is not really a surprise as such.  The bad guy Victor Crowley, is visually horrible, and I don't mean in a great horror way, he is just silly looking.  Sort of like Sloth from Goonies on steroids and meth.  He is not that scary of a monster, the man inside was Kane Hodder, who is the latest Jason Vorhees, I do not blame him for the lack of scary however, I think it was this monsters look.

However these flaws almost fit within the B movie horror genre that this movie tries to not get tied to but does so well in.  It has a lot of toplessness, as it takes place during Mardi Gras, including Mercedes McNabb, who anyone whom is a Buffy fan would recognize.  There is also over the top, unnecessary killing and gore.  It is not that realistic torture porn style, more old school, almost comical in it's grossness.   A group of people stuck out in a swamp, and an old legend about a killer.  This movie really delivers if you are looking for that exact type of movie.  However it is flawed, and not a new level of horror, but for the fans I would check it out.

3 Stars 

  • becky

    Once again a movie I wouldn’t watch.

    Yeah lets go out to an old swamp where there are rumors of a psycho killer.
    sounds like fun to me!!

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