30 Days Of Night

30 Days Of Night Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 113 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence:  It felt like it was 30 days of night long.

I like the Vampire movies, really who doesn't.  Generally they have a little more flavor than your normal horror movie and even sometimes have something resembling a plot.  I didn't get to go see 30 days of night in the theater, for some reason.  So I added it to the queue and was just released on DVD recently.  The premise is that the sun drops below the horizon for 30 days of night, in a town in Alaska, and so the Vampires show up for 30 days of night killing spree. 

So…this sounds like a great idea.  It was based off a graphic novel the kids love, and it just sounded cool.  Sadly this didn't end up being really a vampire movie at all.  Except that it was at night, there was little that made the look and feel of Vampire movie, you could switch a lot of things in this movie and it could have easily become Zombie movie.  Replace town in Alaska with Mall, and replace Vampire with Zombie, and you have Dawn of the Dead.  It never ventured out into Vampire territory.  I felt that even thier decisions were about as intelligent as a Zombies so major let down there. 

There were a lot plot holes in this movie, and usually that does not bother me, but when it really is about the story and how things came to be, it just kind of bothers me.  I just was let down all around with this movie, dumb vamps, plot holes, no lore, vampires that were not likable, or impressive and of course stupid people getting themselves killed doing stupid stuff.  I can not say that this movie worked for me at all.  I can not recommend it and I can not say even for a rental this one is worth checking out.  I would skip it. 

2 Stars 

  • becky

    lane rented it. I will not be watching it. he can watch it alone.
    I love the Vamps, and hearing its more zombish than vampish sucks.
    You are right though movies with vamps are awesome, because vampires are clever, witty, charming so charming they will charm your pants off then kill you or make you one. PLUS really how many people can they kill in a town in alaska, if you think about it its not really that smart. I mean if its a small town 30 days is a long time, and they could probably kill all of the people in the small town in 1-2 nights, then what they hang out and watch tv? They can go hunting for bears?
    Everyone said this movie is too scary for me, and since its more zombie than vamp I will skip it. Vampires in Alaska…it’s smart but its been done in a book in a better way. Which they are making a movie of it but I don’t think they will show the Alaska part.


  • Jed

    I think it was OK, I watched it too on DVD and there are some scary moments, while some of the scenes tend to drag. I find Ben Foster’s portrayal of the Stranger to be really creepy. A lot of the background stories regarding the creatures should have been made more prominent. If the point of the filmmaker is to create a certain mystery, then it appears to be a wrong decision on their part. It made the film less credible.

    Thanks for the review!

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