21 Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 123 Minutes

Year: 2008

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence:  I can count cards.    

This is probably the most anticipated movie of this weekend.  Ad's are everywhere and I saw a preview quite a while ago.  They are hyping this one up.   I have been asked about it a lot already.  Have I seen it yet, what did I think and should they go see it.  It is about blackjack and card counting.  It has Morpheus and Kevin Spacey in it.  There is nothing else really to tell.  The trailer shows exactly what the movie is about, if the trailer looked good to you, I think you will enjoy the movie. 

I love Vegas, and love casino movies, it seems so hard to make a movie that takes place in or around gambling or cards or casinos that I don't like.  Except for Lucky You, man that movie was horrible.  So you will really have to have a bad showing for me not to enjoy the movie.  I could tell from the preview that I was going to at least like this movie a little and I think now after seeing it, I still liked it a little.  

It delivered everything that the preview said it would, nothing more, nothing less, you could watch the preview, fill in the blanks yourself and you would be correct on how the movie came out.  Now that is not to say the movie isn't worth watching, becuase I did have a good time with it, it just didn't do anything amazing or unexpected.  I would rent this one, and go see Stop-Loss in the theater if I had to pick.

3 Stars 

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