The Ruins

The Ruins Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 91 minutes

Year: 2008

Boobs: 1 Pair

One Sentence: Little Temple Of Horrors.

Coming at you as an alternative to squinty eyes and sexy mcsexy's Leatherheads is The Ruins, a standard fare horror movie, or at least standard is what I was led to believe by the limited marketing of hot 20 somethings in Mexico getting harmed in some way.  However this movie has roots from a book, and a popular book from what it looks like.  So at least the story might be a little bit better.  The theater was packed last night for the preview so I guess there is something to this movie.

Once we get past the standard set up of hot girls and dudes in Mexico that are heading into HORROR the movie ends up being very good in my opinion.  The Ruins is not your regular horror dish, it doesn't have a slasher or a killer or a ghost.  The killers are a little silly, but if you get past that, they lead the victims down a path of self-destruction that was very welcome.  It ended up being very unexpected and was really a great way to deal with the issue.  I enjoyed it very much. 

The Ruins does not pull any punches with their R rating.  This movie is bloody, gory, and at times very hard to watch.  It delivers not just a bloodfest but a mental attack on both the characters and the audience that over the course of the movie strained on me a lot.  I was squirming at the visuals, some of the audio and just the issues that these people were having to deal with.   It really delivered a solid horror movie with some flaws that I think horror fans would love to check out in the theater.  I give this one a check out for sure, either on rental or in the theater. 

4 Stars 

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