The 11th Hour

The 11th Hour Poster

Rated: PG

Running Time: 95 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Earth Day review.

Happy Earth Day everyone lets wallow in our guilt of gas powered cars, trains, energy, and whatever else we use oil for.  I picked up The 11th Hour to watch without even realizing that it was near Earth Day, so once I figured it out I thought it fitting to have the review on Earth Day.  Sadly, I can not say this should be your Earth Day viewing.  

Leonardo DiCaprio produced and narrated the 11th hour.  He was not in the movie that much and his presence did not sway me or make me want to pay attention to this slow moving doomsday flick.  If there was anything that made me want to kill myself on Earth Day it wasn't that we are slowly dying from inhaling too much methane, it was the boring long interviews from a gaggle of nerds about climate change and all the other things going along with it; trash, waste, deforestation, non-sustainable lifestyle.  That I had to sit though another hour and a half of us killing the Earth.  

I know I wanted to see this movie, and I should not fault the movie for the subject matter that I was aware of, but we were not provided anything new here.  It was more of the same.  We are killing the Earth, we can make changes now, we have the technology, we can rebuild her.  It was all stuff I had heard before but it was slower, less inspiring and had a scene where a baby seal got clubbed.  Not exactly what I wanted to see, and well it just didn't work.  We all know about climate change now and if you can not provide something new about it, then you are just like everyone else, saying a lot about it, without much change.

2 Stars 

  • Anthony

    I think it was one of the best environmental films I’ve ever seen. The only criticism I have was that nuclear power was missing from the discussion. Other than that an incredibly well produced film.

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