Charlie Wilson’s War

Charlie Wilson’s War Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 102 Minutes

Year: 2007

Nudity: 4 Boobs

One Sentence: The comedic view of the Afgan war with Russia from the point of view of America. 

What we have here is a movie based on a true story, a story about a congressman who helped fund a war against Russia, through Afghanistan.  A war that they say helped topple the U.S.S.R.  However the movie is not a hard hitting boppic, that is long boring and preachy.  This movie is light, funny, at times silly, and truly a very nice way to look at some of our history.  It made me want to pay attention a little bit more. 

If we were not at war currently this movie would have never been made.  We would have no concern for the Afgan war, and would not care about a man who helped topple The Soviet Union, covertly.  However we are, and so people like me want to know what actually happened, why was there a vacuum of U.S. support after the war, and why did the Taliban take over.  This movie deals with none of that issue, however it does show what happened before hand, and while it might not be 100% historically accurate…it tells the story with enough flare to keep me paying attention and at least to be aware of something that happened 30 years ago that has changed our lives today.

Outside of the history, the movie is entertaining, and Tom Hanks plays a wonderful East Texas Congressman, who is both clueless, and genius.  He plays idiot savant well, and delivers the part beautifully, and along with Philip Seymour Hoffman make the movie a pleasant experience.  It is not an all out comedy, but is funny in some parts, and the subject matter makes it interesting even for parts that should seem boring normally.  So while I don't think this movie is perfect in anything they do, they do all things really well, and it makes for a good history lesson if you are looking for one.  I would rent it, it is out on DVD now.  

3 Stars 

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