Sex And The City – The Series

Sex And The City

Rated: TV – NR

Running Time: 6 Seasons

Year: 1998-2004

Nudity: Yes lots.

One Sentence: I am officially a woman now.  

I am dedicated, dedicated to you all, not just do I watch movies, and help you make the wise choices with your hard earned dollars, that are spreading thinner and thinner every day, but I also do the ultimate for all of you.  I prepare.   I knew about the biggest movie of the summer (according to some) coming out today and I decided if I was going to watch it and give it a proper review I would have to sit down and watch all of Sex And The City.  The journey started 2 months ago.  I have watched 90 episodes in that time.  I have 4 more to go which I will be watching tonight.  I have made my girlfriend extremely happy, and I have made my male friends extremely ashamed.  I have pretty much only had Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte on my mind for that time, and except for the small breaks of movies, I have not watched anything else.  (Sorry LOST and Scrubs, ill get back to you on Monday)

So what do I think.  I think I get it, I think I know why, and it makes sense.  High Fashion, fancy parties, wonderful restaurants, beautiful men, babies, marriage, and 480 dollar shoes, it all makes sense, that it would be something iconic for women.  It is the literal visual translation of romance novels, set in New York City.  It is the needing a man, independent, beautiful, family oreniented powerful woman they all want to be with their wonderful girlfriends, who are all wonderful together.  It's what dreams are made of and makes it almost real.  So real in fact that this weekends movie release has the chance to beat out Indiana Jones in money made for a weekend.  

And it should.  This show does not suck in any way.  It is everything that I think every man should hope for in their required watching by their women.  It is smart, funny, sexy, and vulgar.  It deals with lots of issues, not just men and love, it deals with sex, dirty sex, taudry sex, and any other type that can come up.  It deals with understanding of women, but of men too, and it does it all with a slight humor that is not brainless and horrible.  It does not follow the mold of a horrible romantic comedy, and in the end, not everything ends up roses for all parties.  Men should be lining up to see this series over romantic comedies, they will have a better time with it, and will think it far less brain dead than Failure To Launch.  So if they ask you to watch the series men, you should say yes, because if it is not these 4, it could be a whole lot worse. 

4 Stars 

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