Sex And The City

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Rated: R

Running Time:  148 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: 5 Boobs and 1 Penis

I felt like I should not be writing this review, and it is not a movie for me.  I do not feel like I had the right understanding of the people and the focus, which was women.  So I asked my girlfriend monkeyjenn to write a review.  So without further ado, my first guest post.  Leave you comments and tell me and her what you thought of the movie and what you thought of her review, be careful it is a lot longer than mine. – The Reviewer

One Sentence: Not much sex, but lots of city!

I've seen the series twice(possibly 3 times, but I can't remember) and I've even watched many a rerun while flipping channels. I started watching the show right before the last season aired. Thanks to Netflix, I was able to view it all in a matter of weeks. I love me some back-to-back tv series watchin'! The first season was very rocky. I wasn't sure if I liked it, but I was soon hooked by the 2nd season.

I'm actually very glad that I watched it again. The first two times I saw it, I didn't feel like it related to my life much. But this last time, I was single when I began watching it and I found it very educational. Sounds corny, but it's true.

As much as I love the quirky characters and the show, I was not waiting for this movie with breathe that is bated*.
I was looking forward to seeing the girls again and finding out what "Carrie in a wedding dress" was all about. Not that I didn't really know. I went into this movie expecting it to be mediocre and, well, it didn't disappoint.

It's basically a very long sex and the city episode. There are funny moments, but there are also way too many roll your eye moments. I got dizzy a few times just from rolling my eyes. There were too many lame puns, which were often exchanged between Carrie and Louise (Jennifer Hudson).

For me, the addition of Hudson's character felt a bit forced and stiff, but I liked her, except for the bad puns. I don't see them bringing her back for a sequel though. I pray to Jeebus that there isn't a sequel! Do we really need to know what they are doing in their fifties? And I definitely don't need to see Carrie in any more ugly couture and looking even paler. Seriously, why do they keep trying to make her look whiter? Her skin was almost the same shade of white as her wedding dress. Maybe a couple of shades lighter!

Too much of this movie was predictable for me. Granted, the series had the same flaw, but somehow managed to be okay in short 30 minute episodes. I was hoping for a little more from this movie. Although, there was one major plot point that surprised me. I'm not going to discuss it because it would be a huge spoiler, but I think it will surprise most people.
Oh! And there was an unexpected moment that involved a poop joke that made me laugh really hard.

Spoiler alert! Not really…
Somewhere in the 5th hour of this movie, the plot seemed to suddenly shift from being about Carrie and the gals to just love. Yes, I know the series has always been about love and finding love, but this was different. We're not talking about Carrie's love for Mr. Big or any of the other ladies. It was just focused on the word love. There's a point where Carrie is at her computer and all she has typed on her screen is "Love." Then there's the damn "love" keychain! Bleh.

I get it! This movie is all about L-O-V-E! I don't need it pounded into my skull. To quote Steve, "Ah geesh…"

Ok, so…all that being said, I still liked the movie and think it's worth going to see in the theater if you are a huge fan of the show. Just drink cocktails beforehand or do what a friend of mine did and smuggle in a bottle of vodka to add to your soda.

For a major fan like me, you will like seeing the girls together again. It kind of felt like seeing old friends and I'm sure that was their intention. There were some scenes that were all about the four girls just enjoying each other's company and I found that to be comforting and sweet.

If you aren't a big fan and/or haven't seen the series, wait to rent it. And drink while you watch it in the comfort of your own home.
Another bonus if you rent it is that you can avoid all the atrocious movie previews. Seriously, they made me want to puke into my popcorn.
Unfortunately, due to the huge success of this movie, you can expect even more cheap knockoffs to come out soon. Lots of executives thinking that four, crazy leading women equals box office gold! Yay! I'm sure the Reviewer can't wait to critique all of them.


* True fans of the show know what this is from. 🙂

3 Stars 

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  • Maud Cabot

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  • felt like wripping my eyes out watching this movie. im sure if your a fan you will enjoy it but if you get dragged to the cinema like i did you willl not enjoy it.

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