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Well today I have arrived ladies and gentlemen!  That is right as of today I am officially on a wikipedia page that I did not put there myself. Sure it is a small link on a small page, but that doesn't matter.  I feel like this is the beginning of something great for me.  I am part of wikiality and that is huge.  Thanks to whomever added me!

If you want to see the post it is about the movie 5-25-77 which I saw a while ago.  Here is the wiki page.   There was also a review for that movie and you can check that out here.


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Feeds!  The giant orange icon above is a feed icon.  A feed is a either full or abridged version of a blog sent to a reader that can join many feeds together, then you can read all your blogs from one place.  I have a feed reader and read many blogs.  It allows me to read all blogs from one place and it automatically updates when the blogger makes a new post.  I use google reader.  It's free, it works and I find it to be user friendly.  http://reader.google.com will take you to where you need to go.   Once you have a reader account on there, you just go to reader.google.com and that page will update with all your feeds.  

So how do you add The Reviewer to your feed?  Look for that icon, on any page, on this page it to the right.  Just click on that little icon and follow the instructions and add it to google reader or whatever reader you use.  Then you can get The Reviewer updated instantly.  No more coming back here to see if I updated.   



Don't want to deal with feeds, but wan the latest and greatest from The Reviewer?  Or perhaps know more about me than just my reviews?  You can follow my twitter.  My twitter updates with a new review whenever I post one and has other various fun tweet items.  You can just click on the twitter icon above to find my twitter and follow me, I might just follow you too.  


So there you go the latest and greatest about the internet and The Reviewer.  How do you get your daily dose of The Reviewer?  Let me know.   Do you have a twitter?  What feed reader do you use?  

  • lib

    Congrats, I’m very happy for you!!

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