The Signal

The Signal Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 99 Minutes

Year: 2007

Nudity: None

One Sentence: 3 acts, 3 directors, 3 visions, 1 great movie. 

I am not sure when I first heard of The Signal, if it was at Fantastic Fest last year, or just a little more recently where there was another screening. Everyone seemed very excited about it that had seen it so I decided to add it to my netflix queue.  It had a low budget, and I knew nothing about it, and the description didn't sound so great, so I was a bit confused what the big deal was about.  Anything that sounds like killer cell phones is just not going to cut it in my book.  Luckily there were no killer cell phones. 

The Signal is an odd horror movie.  It has three destinct and defined acts, each one written and directed by a different guy, so the movie has a single story line, but three very different feels to it.  There is some hardcore horror, some weird comedy horror, and some fancy ending horror.  It was a little weird, but more so than that, it was really good.  It all fit within the context of the story line and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  

It has no actors that you know of, and no real big sets, or fancy budget magic.  They even use the same TV in most of the sets, but it doesn't matter. The movie doesn't need them, the story is solid enough on its own that you don't notice or care about those things.  The movie is scary, good and worth renting for sure, it just came out on DVD recently and is available from Netflix.  Check it out for sure.

4 Stars 

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