The Dark Knight (IMAX)

The Dark Knight Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 142 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: None

One Sentence: If you have an IMAX it's a must. 

He is as good as everyone says he is, he is powerful, dark, smart, hides behind a mask and is the reason everyone should see this movie.  He is The Joker.  One of the single best performances I have ever seen in my lifetime.  I watched the whole movie, and there was one second, only 1 single second where it slipped, where I saw Heath under there, he was pulling his hair back and I saw him, otherwise, Heath did not exist, there was only one of the most mad men ever put on screen.  He was a chilling display of evil madness and can give you a look into the eyes of insanity.  Absolutley stunning.

The rest of the movie is excellent as well.  There is nothing wrong with this movie, it is a genius collaboration of art, acting, storytelling, sweeping shots, action, amazing makeup, and everything else that makes up a movie.  It is 2.5 hours long and I could have kept going.  This is not a comic book movie, it is a powerful crime drama that has powerful characters, backed by a wonderful story 70 years in the making.  You don't have to have seen Batman Begins, or even like Super Heroes, this movie is just great regardless and is a must see for everyone.  

The feel has changed, as Batman tends to change, along with it's city.  Gotham got more daylight, less of a fake feel and a little bit more of a real city.  It is no longer the comic book representation of a city, but a real living breating city, that we all live in and know.  The people are no longer above the laws of gravity, physics, or just plain pain.  We see the reality a little bit more than ever before and it makes fo us to understand what is happening that much more.  The Dark Knight deliveres on every level possible and is an amazing cinematic expereince. 

IMAX Extra Review: 

This movie was filmed with a few scenes in IMAX format.  Including the first 6 minutes, if you do not have an IMAX theater, you do not miss any of the movie, you see it all in your normal widescreen format that appears at all normal movie theaters.  However if you have an IMAX near you, this movie is a must, these additional scenes are full IMAX when they were shot in IMAX and back to normal letterbox when they are not.  The transition in seamless and you never notice it happening, until you realize that your whole range of vision is filled with some amazing scenes.  It just added to an already perfect movie and I highly suggest the additional cost for the IMAX format.  

5 Stars

  • I have tickets to see it at IMAX next weekend, can’t wait!

    • Try to get there early for the top row, you need to be as far away as possible at our IMAX.

  • imax screening of the dark knight is out of this world and is a must for every one

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