Tideland Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 120 minutes

Year: 2005

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Another weird dark one from Terry Gilliam

This one pushes on the border of a little too crazy, or not watchable.  It is because of the little girl and that the situations she is put in are hard to watch.  It lets up a little when it seems to be getting too intense and too weird to have this girl in those situations.  However if you are not into that, this movie might be a little too much for you.  It might be a little too much for you even if you don't have an issue with it involving kids.  It is quite weird and dark.

The movie however makes more sense than most of his previous films.  While it pushes those limits of weird, odd and visually expermental, it follows a much easier path than say 12 Monkeys.  I was never confused about what I was seeing, I was just like wow this movie is odd.  Not that I was surprised that it was odd.  Sadly odd does not always mean good, especially in Terry's case. 

The movie is not exactly bad, it just doesn't really provide any thing to digest and either like or dislike.  It is like a horrible sequence of events that doesn't provide a point of view on those events and just makes you sit through the weirdness, without point or conscience.  The great thing is the little girl played by, Jodelle Ferland.  She does voices with her dolls throughout the movie and actaully impressed my quite a bit.  However her roles are not enough to justify a reccomendation for this dark train ride, and I am going to have to go with skip it.  It has been out on DVD for a few years now, so if it is in your queue, I am going to have to go with take it out, save your 2 hours for something else. 

2 Stars 

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