Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Clone Wars Poster

Rated: PG

Running Time: 98 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: None

One Sentence: There is no General Grievous in this movie. 

Sigh, it is hard for fanboys like me.  As I sit here writing this looking at my Rancor, and my new General Grievious "The Clone Wars" figure that I just bought about a week ago I think to myself, sometimes it's hard out there for a fanboy.  The reason it is hard, because of crap like this.  The Clone Wars animation started with 2 amazing Cartoon Network volumes that were headed by the art team who did Samurai Jack.  The volumes were smart, good, amazingly well animated, and were the type of movies Star Wars fans could get behind and be proud of liking.  So it was with some delight that I heard about The Clone Wars, computer animated movie coming to theaters…I should have known better. 

Let's start with the good, which will be short.  Some battle sequences, were pretty awesome, with the CG holding tight and keeping with the amazing Star Wars feel.  Good lightsaber work, good space battles, and land battles, and good overall visual representation of characters in the CG format.  This along with Samuel L. Jackson, and Christopher Lee doing their vocal parts were just about the only things worth anything in this movie. 

The movie falls apart with the opening score, when the words Star Wars appear on screen, it's the theme to Star Wars done by some low rent computer orchestra, or something.  It is apparent in that very first second of the movie that we are in for something less than would be expected from a film release of a Star Wars product.  From there on out it goes from bad to worse.  The movie is a battle sequence story, that has no baring or effect on the large Star Wars plot.  It doesn't have General Grievous the best character from The Clone Wars saga, which leaves me wonder why the fuck I have a Clone Wars Grievous figure that came out for the movie, if he isn't in the fucking movie.  Then they introduce this annoying padawan female that sticks with Anakin the whole movie.  This is the plot of this movie.  And she is just as annoying and whiny as Anakin is in Episodes I-III.  Maybe even more so because her voice is grating on my last nerve. 

I can not say this enough that if you are an adult male without children who is a Star Wars fan, you can actually do completly without this movie.  You actually might be better off not seeing it, to save that last shred of dignity you might have claiming you are a Star Wars fan.  If you have some tween's or less in your family, then I would say this is a great movie to take the little ones too especially if they are fans, but you are going to have a hard time getting though it. 

2 Stars 

  • CWFan

    I did enjoy this film but I have to agree with you. The reason this movie failed is because the music was NOT SW music. Exactly like what Lucas said, when he first made SW. No one liked SW without the music and the rolling text. Once those two things were added it brought the movie to life. While CW was a good film, it really just blew because of the music. I also was pissed that grevious, who if you read the story Snips fights grevious at the end of the movie. Where the hell was that? I also love how the Target figure of Commander Fox was in the film for all of 20 secs or less. I think we got shafted on this film and my guess Lucas will release the full version of this movie on Blu-ray. It is set for Dec 9th already, however I doubt it will have all the missing parts that make this movie make more sense.

    Sadly this movie made less then Speed Racer did on opening weekend which makes this the first MAJOR FLOP for SW other then the wookie holiday 😛

  • DBT

    No grievous = Nothing.

    Like Brenna said, I know about SW thanks to grievous, so if it isnt in the movie, I simply dont want to watch it. The first dissapointment was it’s humilliating death in ep III, and now they leave it completely out?

    What’s wrong? Did george lucas hate that character? or he thought it had enough in the CW series? Either way:

    No grievous = Nothing.


  • some one should tell lucas to stop making these films.

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