Death Race

Death Race Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 89 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: None

One Sentence: It's like the orignal Death Race 2000 except it sucks. 

Remakes of iconic 70's sci-fi movies that touch on social commentary are always good, I think back to the excellent Planet Of The Apes, or the perfect Poseidon, and all the others and just hope and hope they keep making these remakes, because they are so good.  Death Race is the next in I am sure a long line of destroyed 70's and 80's sci-fi movies.  Anyone want to remake Weird Science?  Fuck it do Back To The Future while you are at it.   

Death Race has almost nothing to do with the original movie, except some of the names are the same.  In Death Race 2000, they drove across the country killing civilians and each other, in this one they are on a prison island and drive laps.  The movie is a complete waste of time and money, except for the fact it has death, explosions, blood, guns, hot girls and fast cars.  I guess this is justification enough for some to go see Death Race.  

Jason Statham and Joan Allen deliver completly blank boring characters who act "hard" to each other and the fellow prisoners on Terminal Island, the place where the Death Race occurs.  In there amonst the hardness is a plot I think that doesn't really make sense, and is completly boring anyway.  If you are thinking about seeing this movie you are hopefully not going for the plot.  The movie is all right from an action point of view and if you are hurting to go see a movie this weekend I guess this one would be fine to see.  It just does not provide much else besides the normal action flare and does not go above and beyond anything I have seen before.  My call is to rent it maybe if you like all those action elements.

2 Stars 

  • “It’s like the orignal Death Race 2000 except it sucks.”

    Well said.

  • it wasnt that bad, i enjoyed death race the action was good and i think you cant expect much of a story and in doing that you will enjoy this movie.

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