The House Bunny

The House Bunny Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 97 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: Naked Butt

One Sentence: Cute and fun but not anything super special. 

This is like almost my dream come true.  Anna Faris as a playboy bunny!  I mean how much better can it get.  I should be sold on that ideal alone and should give it 5 stars, well if it wasn't for the puffed up lips, which I am not sure if it was for the character or for her personally.   Her lips looked really horrible.   So anyway, yes I have a thing for Anna Faris and it makes me have blinders on about any movie she is in, so this might be slightly biased but I am trying not to be. 

The House Bunny is as you would totally expect a PG-13 movie about a playboy bunny who gets kicked out of the mansion and moves into a sorority as a house mother to be. It has a lot of pink, a lot of ding bat jokes and a lot of skanky skanky outfits.  It somehow fits in a love story, which is forced and has a underdog story too.  All of it is really simple, and cute and in the end delivers a fun packed little story, that won't kill you to see. 

The House Bunny while cute and fun, is confused about what it wants to be.  It seems like a rated R movie that they pulled back to be PG-13 and in the middle of cutting left out the funny sometimes.   There are parts of this movie that really had me laughing a lot, original jokes and comedy that really worked.  However then there were other parts that were dry, boring, and drug on, and it seemed like they needed to fill time from other scenes that were cut.  There was some empty spots and I don't know what happened.  So The House Bunny, is a 3 star movie for me and is rentable for sure.  But I think I would say rent it for sure, it's cute enough to give a watch. 

3 Stars 

  • havent seen this yet, but i will should be worth the admission to see faris dressed like a bunny

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