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At the theater, and don't remember what I said about a movie?  Trying to get your girlfriend to understand that Fool's Gold is not gold, and I said so.  Trying to just get an idea of what movie to watch and don't have a computer!  Well now you can read The Reviewer and a ton of other entertainment news on your mobile phone!   The Reviewer has teamed up with 310.TV and now you can read all of The Reviewer in an easy to read format for your mobile phone.  

My reviews are not the only thing on 310.TV, there is fashion, gaming, music, TV and celebrity news as well.  Just type 310.TV into your mobile phone browser and you are there.  Check out all that 310.TV has to offer you, and you can find The Reviewer under movies.  So check it out, tell me what you think, and check out everyone else on the network, there is a lot of info all at your fingertips with 310.TV

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