In Bruges

In Bruges Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 107 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Not the light comedy romp the previews made it out to be. 

The world around me was all a buzz about In Bruges, the preview was so-so, there was no word on the street proir to opening and I really wasn't that interested.  The world around me got louder with In Bruges is great, even more so when it got to DVD and so I put it at the top of the queue.  I was going to skip it completly and now after seeing it I would say that you don't have to put it at the top of your queue, but you don't need to rent it either if you dont want to. 

The one bit of the preview I do remember is that they made it out to be a very funny, rapid fire joke movie, which it was not.  It was a dark, sometimes slow tale about 2 hitmen, played by Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson thier most recent hit, and thier boss, played by Ralph Fiennes (prounced Ray).  There were funny parts and I would consider the movie a partial comedy, but it just was not the fun light playful movie I was led to believe I was seeing, which always bothers me a bit.  If the movie has to lie about what it is, then it probably isn't great at what it was supposed to be. 

In Bruges, however isn't a horrible waste of time or anything like that.  There are funny parts that made me laugh out loud, and the acting is quite fine.  While others seem to dislike Colin Farrell, I have always liked him and found him to be enjoyable and worth watching here.  By the end of the movie I am feeling quite down however, the movie does not leave you like a normal comedy would and if you were going to use the word comedy it would have to have dark in front of it.  So if you like dark comedies that end on a down note, then I would go for In Bruges, if you want fun comedy then this movie is not for you. 

3 Stars 

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