Step Up 2: The Streets

Step Up 2 Poster

Rated: PG-13 

Running Time: 98 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: None

One Sentence: No one stepped up in this movie. 

In my life as a movie watcher and reviewer, there has really only been one goal.  To find and enjoy the passing of the torch from the best dance movie ever made to the new best dance movie ever made.  Of course the current best is Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.  I was actaully hopeful that Step Up 2, might have been the movie.  Sadly I was way wrong it wasn't even close.  

Step Up 2, which has almost completly nothing to do with Step Up 1, follows a street dancer and her tough life in Baltimore, and becuase she gets in so much trouble dancing in subways, might get sent to Texas.  I am not shitting you this is how it starts.  From there she gets admitted into a private dance school, which she doesn't seem to have to pay and it goes on.  It doesn't matter we are not watching this movie for the plot anyway, we are watching it for the dancing, which should be off the fucking chain.  There is no reason to have any expectation of plot in this type of movie which I did not.  I wanted good tracks and good daning, that was shot well and was seamless and impressive. 

This movie failed completly.  They first put the good dancers in one crew who didn't really dance until the last scene.  We are mostly shown dancing from other crews who have dancers while ok, are not of the caliber we should have in a movie like this.  So there were tons of sequences that were just ok, and made the lack of plot even more painful.  The final dance scene in the rain, that the poster up there is portraying was very cool, but it is so not worth the other hour and 20 minutes.  Sadly this is not the new best dance movie ever made, and is not even close.  I would not waste your time with this one at all. 

2 Stars 

  • i dont think its as bad as you have said however i do agree with some of your points, also the first movie was alot better.

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