Lost Boys: The Tribe

 Lost Boys The Tribe Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 93 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: 3 topless girls. 

One Sentence: They left poor Corey Haim in the background. 

The world was a buzz with the news of a new Lost Boys movie, starring both Corey's.  Internet blogs showed pics, found the scripts and found out all there was to know.  The new movie would be coming, and it was going to be a crap fest!  Oh yes, everyone was excited.  The movie got knocked to direct to DVD status and the rumor of Corey Haim being pulled from the movie spread.  I wasn't going to let that keep me from seeing this must see movie. 

The Lost Boys: The Tribe is a sequel that occurs 20 years later in a different town with mostly different people.  Except for Corey Feldman who reprises his role as Edgar Frog, now much older, but with the same outfit.  It is still on a beach, but now there is no boardwalk, and a new head vampire.  The whole story is pretty much the same as the first Lost Boys, except they have lesser known actors, and it is in a different town. 

There is no reason for anyone to see this movie, unless you have a fetish for topless girl vampires.  The movie is a completly redone version of the original.  It brings nothing new to the table, it does not push any boundries, and is not even scary or a good vampire story.  They put Corey Haim back in it for one minute in the credits, but it too is not worth the time.  The lure that was once there with the Corey's being together again in a movie is now gone, and there is no other reason I would recomend to you to check it out.  

2 Stars 

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